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הגדרות API לשימוש מערכת הפצת סמס – webSell

הגדרות API לשימוש מערכת הפצת סמס

Large Account Interface

Revision 1.3


Document revision history
Revision Date Author Description
1.0 2005-12-27 Konstantin Vayner Initial specification
1.1 2006-06-19 Konstantin Vayner Added WAP link information
1.2 2007-02-01 Konstantin Vayner Added DLR information
1.3 2007-02-27 Konstantin Vayner Added network identity in MO request information


Table of Contents



Table of Contents 2

Receiving incoming messages (MO) 3

  1. MO Request parameters 3
  2. MO Request example 3

Sending outgoing messages (MT) 4

  1. Large Account interface parameters 4
  2. Sample MT Request 4
  3. Sample MT Responses 4
  4. Reverse Billing 5
  5. Sending WAP Link messages 5

Delivery Notifications (DLR) 6

  1. Account configuration 6
  2. Delivery notification parameters 6
  3. Sample DLR request 6

Appendix I: Status codes 7


Receiving incoming messages (MO)


In order to receive incoming messages to your own server, you must provide us with the URL that the traffic will be forwarded to. The messages will be forwarded to that using GET method and the following parameters will be passed:


MO Request parameters

Parameter Description
from Subscriber MSISDN in international format, with leading + sign
to Short number the message was sent to
text Message text
ts Message timestamp, in ISO format (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS)


MO Request example

http://www.example.com/path/to/mo/script.asp?from=%2b972541234567&to=1234&text=Hello+world&ts= 2006-06-19+12%3A00%3A32&mcc=425&mnc=01


Sending outgoing messages (MT)

In order to send an MT message via VAST Platform Large Account interface, an HTTP request by either GET or POST method should be made to the gateway server with the following parameters:

Large Account interface parameters

Parameter Data type Usage Description
account Text Mandatory Account name provided by TeleMesser
user Text Mandatory User name provided by TeleMesser
pass Text Mandatory Password
from Alphanumeric Mandatory Originating MSISDN (or short code)
to Numeric, with optional leading + Mandatory Destination MSISDN (in international format)
text Text Mandatory Message text in UTF-8 character encoding
port Text Optional Reverse Billing charge port id as provided by TeleMesser
msgtype Text

(from a list of options)

Optional Defines message type.

Possible values:

●       text – normal text message (default)

●       wappush or link – generic wap link

●       wallpaper or icon – wallpaper link

●       ringtone or ring – ringtone link

●       game or java – game link

url Text Optional URL for wap link sending.


Sample MT Request


Sample MT Responses


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>



<reason>ACCEPTED: Message accepted for delivery</reason>



Failure (Bad Login)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>



<reason>REJECTED: Login Incorrect</reason>


Reverse Billing

In order to charge a subscriber, an additional parameter – port – should be added to MT request. Port value is a text value as provided by TeleMesser. (List of available port ids should be provided as a separate document and is a subject of agreements with the large account customer). Note, if You do not add the port parameter, You will be charged for the transaction.


Sample Reverse Billing Request


Sending WAP Link messages

In order to send a wap link message, two additional parameters should be added: msgtype and url. While msgtype parameter specifies the type of content to be delivered, url is the parameter holding the link to the content; text parameter (that normally holds message text) is used as a link title in such a case.


Sample WAP Link Request


Delivery Notifications (DLR)

Account configuration

In order to receive delivery notifications, large account user must have dlr_url parameter configured. In order to do so, you should pass the URL to your delivery notifications handler script to TeleMesser.


Delivery notification parameters

Parameter Data type Description
id Numeric Message transaction id
cli Numeric Subscriber number, in international format without leading + sign
shortcode Text Message source
msg_ts Text Message sending Timestamp


dlr_ts Text Delivery receipt Timestamp


status Text (from list of values)


Message status.

Possible values:

●       QUEUED


●       REJECTED

●       FAILED


reason Text Detailed status reason supplied by mobile network


Sample DLR request


Appendix I: Status codes


Code HTTP Status Description
0 200 Success. Message accepted for delivery
400 400 Malformed Request
401 401 Destination specified is black list
403 403 Login Incorrect
405 405 Wrong billing code (or no access to)
500 500 Delivery failure. Message submission to operator failed
502 502 No route to deliver to the specified destination
503 503 Service Unavailable. Interface disabled for maintenance


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